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Read this damning post written over at fileperms about the big risk in security when using WhatsApp, a popular messaging app for iOS and Android mobile phones. Essentially, the post reports that WhatsApp is very lax in fixing these known security issues and if you are in an open network your entire conversation (photos and […]

Stillmotion’s first Share project centers around the Old Skool Cafe in San Francisco, a place where at-risk youth can find their way out of troubling neighborhoods and find a path to success. The place is founded by Teresa Goines who was once a prison guard and saw potential in youth but saw no way for […]

You just don’t see a lot of Asian faces in the graffiti scene doing big things like this! Here’s a quick video of Risk (Kelly Graval) and Cooz (Nathan Ota) collaborating on gallery pieces for the “That Was Then, This Is Now” exhibit at the 111 Minna Gallery in San Francisco.

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All photos shown in post by ruedione The guys behind Montana Spray Paint have been sponsoring a trip across America featuring RISK, WANE, SEVER, CES & REVOK. They’ve visiting some amazing places along the way which they are documenting continuously on their blog. Here are some photos of their trip along with a video of […]

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The Daily Mail has some incredible photos of Stacey Herald, the world’s smallest mother [of 2] who is going against her doctor’s wishes and risking her own life to have another child. Stacey hails from Dry Ridge, Kentucky and measures in at only 2 feet 4 inches tall. Stacey suffers from Osteogenesis Imperfecta which causes […]