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Mikael Wardhana Portfolio Book from Mikael Wardhana on Vimeo. Mikael Wardhana was a classmate at RMIT with me. He shoots fashion photography for clients all over the world. Check out his work here.


Good things coming out RMIT at Melbourne University (YAY!!). This custom helmet prototype called the LumaHelm is outfitted with strips of super-bright LED strips which connect to an internal accelerometer which triggers different flashing signals based on movements. I want one, and thankfully, it sounds like the team behind this is going to release instructions […]


That’s RMIT in the background. And that’s me at the bottom right, just above the parking meter “P”.


Tomorrow afternoon, I will be on an Airbus A340 plane (very similar to the one above) on my way to Hong Kong for a layover before I arrive in Australia on the morning of Sunday, July 8th. My flight itinerary is as follows: For those who don’t know, I will be in Australia for one […]