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This 3.5km concrete roadway was demolished all at once in China. A wonderful spectacle, but I can only assume a huge waste of resources. I always feel like China is building massive things just for the sake of building massive things.

If you answered yes, then you will want to drive on The Atlantic Ocean Road in Norway, a 5.2 mile stretch of highway that can potentially see waves crashing right over the roadway.

There’s been so many accidents off of the FDR lately that I’m beginning to think that any place underneath that elevated roadway is a danger zone. Imagine being that taxi driver though — I mean, who ever really thinks an SUV is going to land ON TOP of their car? Crazy. Video embedded above.

Why is it that all of the super-weird things people take videos of on the road are mostly from Russia? Do they not have any road rules there? Take for example this crushed SUV driving steadily along this Russian road. WHAT?!?!


On May 17th, the Hongqi Road of Zhuzhou City in Hunan province collapsed onto several vehicles below killing up to 4 people. There’s rumor going around that the number of dead is actually much higher because the accident happened at rush hour and there are buildings beneath the roadway that were used for public housing […]