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Whoa, so that guy driving that box truck the other day and running from the police in Southern California was going so hard at it for nearly 2 hours because he was wanted by the FBI for several bank robberies!

Gawker posted this video of the world’s stupidest robbers who robbed a man on a bike trail of everything except the most important thing — the GoPro camera attached to his head that filmed the entire ordeal. Luckily, the crooks were apprehended later due to the video evidence.

Imagine one night you’re eating pizza and then suddenly you have a gun pointed at you. That’s what happened to this DC couple who got robbed while sitting outside a pizzeria.

I’m always curious to know what runs through a criminal’s mind as they run from the police. Do they think they’ll get away? And as you can see in this video below, I wonder if they think they’ll have a chance of living if they shoot at the cops. From my recent recollection, this has […]

5th pct robbery CRS transit from Gothamist on Vimeo. He escapes, but for a few moments, you see the desperation in his face as he is blocked on both sides by men trying to hold him in those bars. We got a pretty good look at his face, so hopefully somebody comes up with information […]