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This is how the Kia Sportage is made. Mostly robotic arms on this production line.

SPIKE Reel 2011 by THE MARMALADE from schoenheitsfarm production on Vimeo. This is pretty phenomenal. This High Speed Motion Control System named ‘Spike’ is a robotic arm with a Phantom HD Gold camera attached to it that can move in precise and exact motions to capture slow-motion video without having to be in a locked […]

The Sphero is a robotic ball that is controlled completely via Bluetooth on your iPhone. It costs $129 and is currently on pre-order.


Holy cow, talk about experiencing the uncanny valley…! This is a robot Geminoid from the Aalborg University in Denmark which appears as if it is living and breathing. This is not CG, it’s all complex robotic muscle movements and even zoomed in up close, I find myself believing that this is a human. Eeks, kinda […]

Check out this insane demo of the Raytheon XOS 2, a robotic exoskeleton that can assist people in various professions (mostly military, probably) in heavy lifting and combat. The suit basically gives any person wearing it bionic powers, essentially reducing the required man-power for some activities down to one.

A robot learning to flip pancakes from Sylvain Calinon on Vimeo. Through the process of reinforcement learning (that is, learning by practicing over and over and over again), this robot has somewhat mastered the art of flipping a pancake. It’s cool that the robot takes what it learns from an actual human being and then […]