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Been here before, but not through the whole thing like this video shows. Pretty amazing and still stands as the easiest abandoned place I’ve ever been to.


Photo: Lizz Comstock Perhaps one of the easiest abandoned subway systems to enter in the world, Rochester’s long-abandoned subway tunnels have been given some new life by photographer Lizz Comstock. The photos were taken over the course of 2 years and explores the deeper workings of the abandoned tunnels and bridges. Lots of images here […]


Rochester Subway has posted a nice gallery of vintage Rochester postcards on Flickr. Some of the illustrations still look very much like the real city today, so much so that I can actually recall some of these from my last visit to Rochester when I went into the abandoned Subway there.

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On my way up to Michigan, I made a pit stop in Rochester, NY where I easily climbed into what is known as the Rochester Subway tunnel. The Rochester Subway is actually a series of tunnels in Rochester made originally for underground (or below street level) trolley service. Service for Rochester’s “Subway” opened in 1927 […]


The Infrastructurist has a photo gallery post of some abandoned subway stations around the world. The one pictured above is the Rochester Subway, a long-abandoned system that still remains fairly intact today. I have plans to go to Rochester in the near future so I hope I get to see this in person one day.


Rochester Subway is having a pretty great deal TODAY ONLY on a 24×36 inch poster of the unused Rochester Subway. The poster originally costs $20, but it will automatically be discounted to $15  when you add it to your shopping cart. But act fast, because once today is over, the deal is over too and […]