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So funny to see Jeremy get sweatier and sweatier as he narrates what’s going on in the video. They couldn’t let him dry off and cool down first?

No real reason for posting this except that I just liked watching this thing (the Chemring Countermeasures and Raytheon Missile Systems) shoot projectiles one after the other. As Gizmodo says, like a revolver gun.


So I just learned that in 1980, the US Defense Department tried to outfit a C-130 cargo airplane with rockets so that it could be used in rescue missions (specifically in Iran). The purpose of the rockets were to allow the plane to take off and land in about 300-400 feet of runway instead of […]

Rockets vs Thunder | Lin + Team Highlights (2-20-2013)

This game reminded me a lot of how exciting Lin was to watch last year. He and James Harden both were incredible here.

This is one of the craziest things I’ve ever read about on Kottke. In a 1993 NBA playoff game between the Seattle SuperSonics and the Houston Rockets, refs, fans, and just about everybody watching for the last 19 years somehow missed the fact that a 6th player (#22) on the Rockets just goes ahead and […]