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What a fantastic idea! The Analog Memory Desk from Kirsten Camara is a table surface with a rotating roll of 1100 yards of paper that lets you write on its surface, only to have it recycled into the other roll the very next day. Of course, this recycling is done manually so the desk can […]

Here’s the Looney Tunes theme, officially known as “The Merry-Go-Round Broke Down“, played off of a Paramount Roll #7162 on a 1923 Harrington player.


Remember photographer Steve McCurry’s around-the-world travels snapping 36 frames on the last roll of Kodak Kodachrome film? Well, he’s now published the shots from that roll of film on his website. Check them out here (or see some selects after the jump).

The New York Times profiled how the devastated Red Hook Lobster Pound is back in business at the Brooklyn Flea despite having their actual location lost to Hurricane Sandy. If you’ve never had a lobster roll from this place, you should get out and try one. It’s phenomenal.