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Patterned Paint Rollers, what a wonderful idea! Watch the video below of it in action! [via]

PISTARD SS-2012 from Cosmo Sapiens on Vimeo. Fancy bike shoes that nobody will wear. But the video is nice.

I’m curious because I’ve never been on rollers. But is this really as hard as it looks? This isn’t the only video on YouTube that shows people constantly falling off of rollers. I want to try…

I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again. I really want one of these bike rollers that don’t require you to take off your back wheel. In fact, I like the ones shown in the video above even more because they have a stationary stand at the front to keep the bike centered. Where […]

I want one of these things here that allow you to bike indoors on your actual bike without having to take off the back wheel. I might buy one.