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Simon Christen spent 2 years filming San Francisco’s fog rolling over the mountains. He is the same guy that filmed that gorgeous video called The Unseen Sea┬áback in 2011. This time-lapse video is definitely one of my favorites.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I was sent this video, but I gotta admit that watching Sarah DiNardo roll her tape sculptures was really neat. Unusual art, but that’s the best kind of art.


Antonio Scarponi of Conceptual Devices has designed this cabinet called Hotello for the Swiss firm daskonzept. The 4-sq-meter room that comes from this rolling cabinet was made in conjunction with Roberto de Luca and is intended to help fill temporary vacant warehouses, factories, and other buildings quickly and affordably.


I want this 71″ vintage baker’s rack in my living room. If only it wasn’t $1300!

Look at this ingenius idea for a chair meant specifically for mechanics to go from a sitting position to a laying down position in just seconds with the flick of a switch — without ever having to get up. It’s called the HumanHoist and it’s not commercially available.


I know this is meant for future classrooms (good luck getting school districts to pay for this!) but I really want this for my own apartment. The idea of sitting in a rolling chair with its own desk is quite intriguing to me. Not to mention the fact that it would require me to only […]