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The Perennial Plate travels to Beijing and Hong Kong to get a glimpse at what China is doing in its dense urban environments to bring farming back to city life. Rooftop farms are becoming a thing here. Another one that I know of in Hong Kong is HK FARM.

A look at how the track “Rooftop” was made by Elitechnique. Neat.

CoSPACE CoCREATE | HK Farm: Community from Thomas Lee on Vimeo. Watch this and see how a group of young transplant creatives are being inspired by the food, people, and community in Hong Kong and in turn are starting a rooftop farm initiative to benefit their city.

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For his graduate thesis at NYU Marco Antonio Castro Cosio created this mobile garden at the top of a city bus called Bus Roots. Nothing like adding a green head of hair to those blank white tops of city buses! I approve.

[CLIP] denver_shuttle pod mini_roof lapse from Camp 4 Collective on Vimeo.