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When you let industry cook for you, special-occasion foods become everyday foods. And that’s a terrible thing.

Nate Silver, author of The Signal And The Noise, explains statistics to us dumb folks yet again.

RSA hosts Nate Silver in a talk about why predictions often fail and how to accurate filter through the noise of predictions. This talk, of course, is based off of Nate Silver’s book The Signal And The Noise.

A quick video about how we rationalize lying and dishonesty, all the meanwhile still believing that we are good people.

One of my favorite books is The Paradox of Choice by Barry Schwartz. The book talks about how some of the things we see as modern conveniences, like the limitless amount of choices in just about everything, is actually hindering us from living happily and preventing us from making smart choices. This RSA Animate production […]

This particular RSA Animate features the voice of Steven Pinker as he explains more than you ever thought somebody could explain about the intricacies of human language and how that can affect conversations in various relationships. If anybody else were to try and explain this to me, I think I’d be thoroughly confused, but Steven […]