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In Brad Downey’s latest installation, watch as one garbage bin squirts water into a trash container over a fence. This installation is located in Hamburg, Germany and was commissioned by Dockville Kunst Camp.

Using a webcam of sorts hooked into a computer, this gentleman created a fully working moving trashcan that will catch whatever you throw in its general direction.

The Dustbot is a fully automated garbage collecting robot that can be summoned to one’s home via a cellphone. The robot is an advanced combination of GPS navigation and gyroscopic systems rolling along narrow streets to come get your rubbish. There is currently at least one prototype working in Italy and the Dustbot’s inventors say […]


Click the image for a larger version If one were to travel far enough in the Pacific Ocean, one might eventually end up in what is commonly referred to as the “Great Pacific Garbage Patch“. Scientifically, the area is known as the North Pacific Gyre, a swirling vortex of under-ocean currents that come together and […]