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Photo: Reuters/David Gray It’s hard to tell from just this single image, but from the looks of it, it seems like China is letting the famous “Water Cube” building rot slowly. Look at how dirty it is. At this rate, will China’s Olympic buildings mirror Greece’s modern Olympic ruins too?

It’s sad listening to this LIFE video production about the golden days of Detroit and how the city fell into ruin by the year 2009 (when this video was published). Be prepared for some more Detroit-related videos coming up…

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Photo by John Szot This collection of photos of Detroit ruins shared by Coudal really makes me want to spend a whole month there and just scope things out.

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Street View isn’t just for highways and streets! The Google Maps team and the people taking care of the ruins of Pompeii have allowed Google to do a Street View tour of the entire city ruins. If you can’t afford a plane ticket out there, this might be a good alternative to browsing page after […]