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Rumor has it that this is Fujifilm’s upcoming APS-C camera to replace the now-aging Fujifilm X-Pro1. Similar styling but reportedly with much-needed technological improvements. YES. Please be priced competitively. PLEASE.


It’s just rumors for now and it gave me an excuse to post this “3D” Canon camera image I found online but if rumors become real, the latest big megapixel camera from Canon will sport 46MP and come with a name like Canon 3DX. The camera is not expected to shoot 3D (thank God).

An animated video seems like a lot more work than a static infographic. But dang is it more interesting to sit through and read. [via]


If iPhone developer Chronic is to be believed, tomorrow marks the day that Apple will begin selling unlocked iPhone 4 units to the masses. Interesting… UPDATE: Ok, they are selling them for real now. Get an unlocked 32GB iPhone 4 or an unlocked 16GB iPhone 4 here.


Whee! Heads up ladies! It’s not confirmed yet but there’s a strong indication that The Hundreds will release the bathing suits worn by Holly Madison and Angel Porrino in the S/S 2011 Hundreds Magazine posted earlier. Plus, Joyce asked about it in store last week and sales staff sorta/kinda/maybe confirmed it.