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I’ve been there, and I know how this feels — cars make everybody go crazy in LA. Here’s a very audible argument between two men, one who allegedly stole a parking spot near Runyon Canyon, about the courtesy not afforded to the other when parking on a public street. Life in concrete paradise…


A month ago I posted about how the big bench at the top of Runyon Canyon was removed mysteriously. No notice, no reason given. It just wasn’t there all of a sudden. As of this week, the bench is back overlooking Los Angeles, except it’s not a big bench anymore. It’s two regular-sized benches. LADWP […]

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I hiked Runyon Canyon yesterday and at the very top it looks like the park had removed the giant and beloved bench overlooking LA (as well as the normal sized one adjacent to it). Why? I don’t know if this is true, but the story goes that recently a woman hopped off the big bench […]