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This is real and this is hilarious. Turns out if you ask the elves at Macy’s to see the “special Santa”, they will bring you around somewhere else to see Black Santa!

Remember that time-lapse video of the model undergoing some serious Photoshopping in post-production? Well, somebody decided to go the opposite direction with the Photoshopping and make this already attractive girl transform into SANTA CLAUS.

I’ve always wondered who painted these Santa Claus images for Coca-Cola. It turns out it’s an artist named Haddon Sundblom.

Miracle on 22nd St from sarah klein on Vimeo. Jim and Dylan, two men who live together in an apartment on 22nd Street in Manhattan, receive a large number of letters addressed to Santa Claus every year. There seems to be no explanation for it and as far as they know, it’s not a joke. […]


It’s Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus getting squeaky clean in a bathtub! Only $96 for a dozen of these scary things. It makes a perfect gift for somebody you hate. Real Evergreen is located at 24 W. 28th Street in Manhattan if you want to pick these up. Tell them Doobybrain.com sent you for a […]