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In a cruel twist, they also get Rebecca Black to comment on her own music video too.

Not sure if she’s making fun of herself here for Friday, or if she is planning on releasing songs in the future for the rest of the days of the week. Also, have you see the video of Rebecca Black reacting to her own Friday music video yet? You should. It’s pretty funny.


This Saturday, Midtown restaurant staple The Primeburger will close indefinitely due to change in building management. The classic 60s-style diner has been in operation for the last 74 years and the new building owner gave them virtually no notice to leave and find a new place. The employees and owners are hopeful though that they’ll […]


Photo by Herman Yung 5/14/11. Putting the date is a little redundant I suppose. Oh well.


If you’re free this coming Saturday, May 22nd, stop on by to The Coffee Foundry and celebrate as they kick off their grand opening. They are open all day from 8:30AM until about 7PM, so feel free to stop on by for drinks, coffee, and some snacks. Bring a friend or two and spend the […]