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It’s been a good morning so far. I got to saw through a lock to break open a gate. Just a day at work!

Several reasons why this is a fake: The people narrating the video know too much about about the scene already as they drive by. “They didn’t come back in time, those guys.” It’s not what they said, but rather how they said it that gives it away. No NYPD meter maid vehicle comes in that […]


Photo by Robert Cockerham Who would have thought that the bottom of a Cup Noodles cup would be full of air! Neat!

You can make just about anything out of LEGOs. You can make a printer, a chess set, mecha robots, a gun, a StarCraft Battlecruiser, a board room table, a Chinese lion dance figure, and even Stephen Hawking himself! Now, you can add circular saw to the list above. While it may not cut anything worthwhile, […]