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The Verge has a fantastic post about internet scammers and the way they snake their way into people’s lives and rip them off. What’s more, The Verge has charted out the top players in this network of internet scammers and shows how they all work together to make their clients poorer and to make each […]

Just a heads up to fellow MediaTemple account holders. If you receive an email similar to the one above asking for account name and password, DISREGARD AND DO NOT RESPOND TO IT. The email spoofs a MediaTemple email address and claims to be someone from the company. I just got off the phone with MediaTemple […]


Well finally! Somebody finally makes an official statement about this! New York State Attorney General Andrew M. Cuomo has confirmed that the United Homeless Organization (UHO) is a fraud. The UHO’s workers are often seen throughout the city with their plastic water jugs asking for donations to help the homeless which end up going to […]

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This just came through via email and it’s funny because 1) it addresses me as “President&CEO” (one word); and 2) it makes no sense and you can tell it was written by somebody in China. I’ve found lately that the bigger this site gets, the more of these ridiculous emails I tend to receive (and […]