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Look at what I just found! Did you know that the Johnson Space Center (JSC) scanned every roll of Hasselblad camera film shot on every Apollo mission? Yep! And it’s all available to view for free in glorious hi-res! Navigation is a bit tough to tackle, but once you get it, you get to see […]

An Instrument for the Sonification of Everday Things from Dennis P Paul on Vimeo. Dennis P. Paul’s invention here scans the surface of everyday objects with a laser and transforms that surface scan into audible sounds. Wild.


Along with the lovely video of Aaron Draplin speaking about his collection of memo books, Field Notes has also posted relatively big scans of these covers to show just how amazing and deep the breadth of this design niche really is. Go to the site to click on each cover and see it bigger.


This gas station is still here on the corner of 11th Avenue and 30th Street.


I forget exactly when this photo was taken, but it was probably around 2005 since I still recall which class this was taken for when I was at Parsons. This wasn’t an initial select of mine from that roll (yes, this was taken on 35mm film), but coming across it this many years later I […]


This is sorta gold right here. Flickr user mmaquino has scanned an entire 1999 Delia’s Summer Catalog to remind us of all of the whacky things we used to see and wear. WOW!!! [via]