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It’s official. My V700 flatbed scanner is now old news, being replaced by the brand-new, just released V850 and V800 flatbed scanners. They used LED lighting technology now instead of cold cathodes which mean better scans and less power consumption.

I would love to ride along with Karsten Clennel (KC) here. I’ve always been interested in listening to fire department and police department scanners (not to mention their Twitter accounts too) and the only thing it seems that I’m not doing is getting into a car and following the news as it happens.  


Photo: Jay Parkinson Geez. No wonder why similar machines in Theme Hospital cost so much.


I recently came across a box of old 4×5 photos and I decided I wanted to digitize them all so I can look at them without a lightbox. Problem is…I used to shoot quite a bit of 4×5 film, so scanning them all would cost me a lot of money. I’m weighing the pros and […]

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I actually think this is pretty neat. LaCie just announced the Rugged Safe external hard drive that incorporates a fingerprint scanner (similar to those seen on some laptops) for added security. The Rugged Safe hard drives come in 500GB and 1TB versions for $189 and $299 respectively. I use a Rugged drive daily and this […]