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Most of the posts over at Badly Recreated Animated Film Frames are hilarious. You should head over there right now.

I cannot believe I just found this online. Cyberia was probably one of the earliest video games I remember playing. I remember it mostly because of the hilarious death sequences that would occur should you screw up in the missions. Here they all are.

A supercut of only the transforming scenes from the first Transformers movie. It just dawned on me that it takes way too long for these robots to transform. I mean, in mid-transformation-stage, these guys are open to so many means of attack. How are they saving the world??

I saw The Avengers last night. I won’t go into much detail since it’s still so new, but it’s worth all of the $20 I paid to see it in IMAX 3D! One thing you should know though if you do see it in theaters, make sure you stay ALL THE WAY until the very, […]