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A new video from the website Code.org shows you just how far learning to code can get you in life. Code is all around us and even those of us who don’t know how to code are inundated with it from all directions of daily life. The video here encourages people to learn to code […]

Google Search Stories profiles filmmaker Andrew Wonder (love his videos!) and how he created a curriculum specifically for North Carolina public schools in how to use and shoot DSLR video.

A teacher from Craig, Colorado named Cheryl recounts an unusual meeting with Mitt Romney. So sad. How can one man have so little faith in public education?


I’m just reading about this interesting book called Take Ivy featuring photos taken of Ivy League gentlemen in the ’60s by Japanese photographer T. Hashiyada. The book captures the elegant style and elitism of Ivy League students and the life they lived as they studied and looked good while doing it. With rising interest in […]

Nice, big, and bold graphics for Schools Rule Marin in San Rafael, CA.