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Video of 75 tons of scrap steel being dropped into a 90 MEGAWATT furnace

Video description: Adding 75 tons of scrap steel to an electric arc furnace. Furnace operates at 90 Megawatts from a 34,500 volt power feed.


Photo: Rodrigo Abd I’ve been complaining a lot about my job lately, but nothing really reminds me of how good I have things like this photo series by Rodrigo Abd over at The Big Picture. Rodrigo Abd went to Guatemala City to a dump called “The Mine” where people dig for scrap metal every day […]

This boggles my mind that Director and Producer Bryan Singers would spend $10 million on this opening for Superman Returns and then decide to scrap it completely from the final film. My guess is that the bulk of that $10 million went into creating the insane crystal world that Superman seems to be driving through […]

This video takes a while to get going, so if you just want to skip to the wrecking part, go ahead to 3:30. Then it just gets sad as the train car meets its slow but eventual death. Thanks Bates!