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This is going to fly over the heads of most viewers, but at least one Community fan is helping the rest of us get the inside joke on how the writers of the show have slowly slipped in the word “Beetlejuice” 3 times (once for every season). In the third time, you see Beetlejuice walk […]

Trash Lovers put out this video showing them writing beautiful script on garbage on the street and also making signs for their own collection. Reminds me of SURE explaining his writing style.


FAUST paying tribute to fallen writer SURE in the snow. I hope I can spot one of these tonight with our impending snowstorm!

Legacy of Letters from Luca Barcellona on Vimeo. Dang, look at his letterform technique! This is Fraktur writing for the Legacy of Letters Italian tour. Amazing work! I wonder what his notebook looks like…