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Check out these amazing animated GIFs of paper structures and objects by Charles Young.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I was sent this video, but I gotta admit that watching Sarah DiNardo roll her tape sculptures was really neat. Unusual art, but that’s the best kind of art.


Photographer Gautier Deblonde was given exclusive access into London artist Ron Mueck’s studio to see how he creates such fantastical pieces of work on such large scale. I had the chance to see Ron Mueck’s work a few years back at the Brooklyn Museum and instantly fell in love with the weirdness of it all. To […]


Monster Brains has a great post on Jordu Schell and his monster-making company called Schell Sculpture Studio. Plenty of deformed heads, aliens, gnashing teeth, and bug-eyed monsters to scare you to sleep tonight.

Check out this video commissioned by Swiss watch company Rado about artist Sydney Cash and his amazing light sculptures (they’re actually shadow sculptures, but whatever — still just as cool).

Not one of these amazing pop-up sculptures by Peter Dahmen would look bad as an actual structure. Wouldn’t you agree? Amazing work that I could only dream of ever creating on my own. [via]