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This is pretty hilarious. A man named Mike Evans made a papier-mâché remote-controlled seagull and tested it on a flock of real seagulls.

A French tourist named Nathalie Rollandin had her GoPro camera stolen in San Francisco by a seagull while filming a sunset along the beach. As expected, the GoPro survived and the whole ordeal was captured on video. [via]


Seagull Bags, a company that makes custom courier bags out of Ohio, is really on point with their Courier Bag Large Oversized offering. The bag is made with 1000D Cordura shell with an 18oz vinyl interior and a very spacious main compartment for all your goodies. Their compression strap system looks comfier than most others […]

Stephen shared this funny video of his friend catching a seagull at the beach. How do you do it exactly? Well, first you have to bury yourself in the sand, then you scatter some leftovers over the sand directly on top of you and then you wait for an unsuspecting seagull to land. SNATCH! GOTCHA!