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Remember the Seal Line Urban Backpack that I reviewed last week? Well, Chrome just sent me a bag (along with some shoes) today that make the Urban Backpack look like a fanny pack. Stay tuned for a full review of the bag shown above!


I’ve written about the Seal Line Urban Backpack previously and Seal Line graciously sent me one to test out on the streets of New York City while riding my bike around town. The first thing you notice as you unpack the bag from the shipping material is that the bag is really spacious. I had […]


As I mentioned previously, Seal Line is the maker of some very tough and waterproof backpacks some of which I’ve already mentioned. But I wanted to highlight this Urban Backpack that I seem to have overlooked while I was browsing their website. The Urban Backpack is very similar to their Boundary Packs with several additions […]


I saw these Seal Line Boundary Packs at Uncrate and instantly fell in love with the company’s line of waterproof/watertight bags and packs. All of their bags are rated for heavy outdoor use (think hiking, camping, rough water sports, etc.) and the Boundary Packs are made from 30-ounce scrim-reinforced vinyl bottom with a 19-ounce scrim-reinforced […]