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This is why I can’t do boats. Not only do I get motion sickness, but I can’t deal with not being able to go anywhere else in rough seas. I’m at the mercy of the waves at that point, and that really scares me. Also, it’s funny to me that there’s a wiper on this boat.

This is truly one of the crazier boat videos I’ve seen. At the Kimolos Island port in Greece, a passenger ship arrived and docked in very rough seas. And instead of waiting out the storm, the ship just lets people and vehicles off and on like it’s no big deal. The craziness starts at the […]

Seriously, remind me again why cruises are fun? Even in calm seas, the idea of being stuck on the equivalent of floating Las Vegas seems really boring to me.

This is on a trans-Atlantic cruise from England to New York. I’ve never been a cruise kind of guy and it’s mainly because I always imagine being stuck miles from land in storms like this.


I just saw a promo for History Channel’s Predator X (premiering March 29 @ 8PM EST) and was reminded of the image of the dinosaur that Clarence posted earlier this week. The newly discovered dinosaur was unearthed in June 2008 during a two-week expedition led by Jørn Hurum of the Natural History Museum at the […]