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Whoa, this is really neat. I’ve got an older version of a Timbuk2 seat pack, but after watching this video, I really want one of these instead! If you like it too, you can grab one here.

Here’s a music video for Mike Mago’s “The Show”. It shows bike seats with eyes and big butts. That’s all.

People who sit most of the day are 54% more likely to die of a heart attack?! Gotta get up now.


I had a good chuckle reading through Alex Cornell’s graphic on how to choose the right seat when sitting in a group in various table settings/shapes. See the full version inside.

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This is the elegant Moire Chair made by Ton Haas for Workware/Harechair. Nicest looking plastic chair I’ve ever seen. harechair® Moiré effect. from Harechair on Vimeo.


Photo: Johnny De Guzman This is how I often picture an airplane cabin in my head — a nice, soothing, brilliantly lit place that I never want to leave. But in reality, it’s the worst place in the world.