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This slightly amusing show of force is all to show how secure and strong this door from a company named Sur is. Watch these two sledgehammer-wielding strongmen go at it on both a cheap security door and the Sur door.


This should be the final nail in the coffin for RIM/BlackBerry right? BGR is reporting that  enterprise security experts agree that the iPhone is now just as secure as any BlackBerry device. Anybody suffering through the use of a daily BlackBerry is only fooling themselves.


Jake shares this post from Thomas Baekdal about how often complex passwords don’t necessarily translate to secure passwords despite what a lot of security experts tell us. In this short article on password hacking, Thomas Baekdal explains that sometimes a password like “this is fun” is just as secure as “J4fS

Given the widespread use of Facebook in public places, it’s highly recommended that you follow the simple instructions in this video and make your connections to Facebook always secure. Seriously, it takes like 30 seconds to do. Just do it and save yourself the headache later.


Wanna see how long it might take a computer to crack your password? Then head on over to How Secure Is My Password and type your password in to find out! The site doesn’t log any info and it uses a combination of math an statistics to tell you how secure your password is. If […]