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From the BBC’s The Private Life of Plants documentary series (which you can watch at that link).

Gotta try Cacao Prieto from Red Hook, Brooklyn! The cool thing is that they give $10 tours of their chocolate factory in Red Hook!

At 78˚N in the Arctic Circle lies the Svalbard Global Seed Vault, a gigantic structure that houses Earth’s largest single collection of seeds. David Osit takes us on a tour of this facility and explains its purpose in case the world…well, stops working the way we know it.


Photo: Jakob Galtt Curbed posted about the Gemini Residence built in 2005 in Copenhagen which is an apartment complex built around an unused seed silo. It’s 8 floors are modest in size but not huge and all floors get an exceptional amount of natural light (which to some residents is not always wanted). Still, it’s […]