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Lots of talk about people jumping ship from Instagram because of its new TOS. Let’s forget for a second that 90% of people are often all talk and no walk — especially when it comes to changes in online service agreements/services (don’t we all remember those who said they would stop using Facebook when Facebook […]

This is an incredible in-depth look at how drugs reach city streets in NYC.

Now you know it anyway (Nu ken je het toch al) from Polder Animation on Vimeo. Now You Know It Anyway by Polder Animation is a short film that aired before The Smurfs in all Pathe Cinemas in the Netherlands. The film is about a girl who shares a short story she wrote with a […]

A new website in beta called ShopLocket seems like a great way to sell something online easily, quickly, and with little fees. ShopLocket charges a one-time $2 fee for each item added and then charges 2.5% on every sale. The difference with ShopLocket is that it’s not meant to be an online storefront. Instead, it’s […]

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There’s not a whole lot over at Pedalr right now, but for what it’s worth, I think it’s worth bookmarking if you’re in the market for a bike or bike accessories. And hey, maybe when this site gets a bit bigger, it might even serve as a good place to just get some good bike […]