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Fstoppers did this great review of the Sensor Gel Stick, a proven camera cleaning tool that makes it super easy to clean your DSLR’s camera sensor without any liquids or cumbersome swabs. Apparently the Sensor Gel Stick is the exact tool that major camera manufacturers use themselves when you send in your camera for sensor cleaning. […]

A great explanation of how Leica and Fujifilm’s sensor design differs from the usual Bayer sensor.

I just heard about this helmet accessory called the ICEdot Crash Sensor that automatically detects crashes and notifies loved ones and emergency personnel with your location and possible condition. It’s tethered to your iPhone and works via low-powered Bluetooth in the event of a crash or accident. The accessory costs $149 and attaches to most […]


Nikon unveiled a brand-new flagship Coolpix camera yesterday. The new camera is called the Coolpix A and it features a 16MP APS-C CMOS sensor with no low-pass filter. It comes with an equivalent 28mm lens and its DX-format sensor puts its image quality on par with Nikon’s DSLR offerings. DPreview has a great hands-on preview […]


Maury sends over this link to an article in The New York Times that goes into some detail about why Fujifilm’s X-Trans sensor is so awesome, especially when it comes to naturally reducing moire in patterned images. The X-Trans sensor lays out the red and blue photo sensors in a much more random pattern and […]