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NBC New York has a follow-up to the famous Fortune magazine cover image of a man named Edward Fine who was photographed covered in ash from the September 11th attacks. The image of himself wearing a grey suit with a piece of cloth held over his mouth is one of several iconic photographs that define […]


Photo: Andrew Gombert/EPA Interesting: The National September 11 Memorial and Museum which is scheduled to open to the public by the 10th anniversary of the attacks (this year) has a complete (but presumably damaged) fire truck ladder in its exhibition space. The truck is Ladder 3 and was one of the trucks that responded to […]

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All Eyes has a set of never-before-seen photos from September 11, 2001 that ABC News obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request. The photos are taken by NYPD Detective Greg Semendinger from the New York City Aviation Unit and show the precise moments directly before and after the collapse of the towers. The views […]