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The Baltimore Sun is reporting that Adnan Syed (the subject of the viral podcast Serial) has been granted a chance for appeal. Serial has posted an update on their website.


Just finished Serial this weekend. Definitely one of the best podcasts I’ve ever listened to and so riveting from beginning to end. Really cannot wait to see how season 2 unfolds.


Go to Apple’s website and download the free 30-day trial Get the serial number somewhere. Install iWork ’09 Open any of the applications that come with iWork ’09 Click “Buy” and enter serial number I’m reading some forums as well and people are saying that the old iWork serial numbers still work for this new […]


I just want to say how wonderful it is to use Keynote after so many years of Powerpoint torture. Apple’s Keynote almost makes me want to make a slide presentation. Almost. Anyway, I have absolutely no use for the other two applications in the iWorks Suite, so I uninstalled them right away. Oh, and also, […]