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Mark Mazur is back with the final chapter of his 3-part series dedicated to summer. I loved all three of these! In case you missed it, here’s JULY and JUNE.

Screenshot 2013-12-18 22.22.49

This is a godsend. I was working a job last week that required me to make shot folders for every single different shot. Normally, this wouldn’t be too big of a deal, but this was a 50+ shot job with rapid succession. Speed was of the essence so I hooked it up with Loads of […]

I loved The Tunnel so much that I will pretty much watch anything from these guys. Can’t wait! Support Airlock here!

The series finale of The IT Crowd, one of the funniest nerd shows ever. This is the whole last episode. I’m saving it for later, but you can watch it now if you want.

Dang, Netflix is killing it right now with all of their original series! Orange Is The New Black looks amazing.