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Excuse my ignorance here, but…why can’t you just pour cold water into your absinthe cup and mix in the sugar with a spoon? Why the drip machine? Seems overly complicated just for the hell of it. [via]

The Magisso Cake Server is the brilliant design of Maria Kivij√§rvi, a young Art & Design student from Finland. The uniquely shaped utensil/tool allows you to cut a cake and serve it in one swift move. Simply place the Magisso Cake Server over the portion you want and then squeeze gently to lift the cake […]

Did you know that a fish’s scales can resist heat up to about 700 degrees Fahrenheit? Yeah, it’s a pretty remarkable little known fact that allowed this fish above to remain alive even after it’s been cooked. If you believed that first sentence, you fail. I was just kidding. But the above video IS of […]