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Internet Machine is a multi-screen film about the machines that power the internet. This project reminds me of the time I photographed the Google Servers in Oklahoma.


I haven’t played the game yet (because a Mac version hasn’t been released), but so far, I’m sort of glad I’m not in this whole mess that EA is forcing its players to be in. Instead of fixing the issue of their game servers not operating optimally, EA is now stripping actual game features from […]

I love looking at the behind the scenes of these server farms. If you’re looking for shared hosting, BlueHost is a good place to start.


In an act that they hope will make their site “raid-proof”, The Pirate Bay has more or less moved the entire site to the cloud. Instant deployment, virtually no downtime, and according to them, no physical servers to raid which means better protection for its users. Hmm…


Photo: Photo: Simon Norfolk for The New York Times The New York Times published an article recently about the ever-increasing world of server farms around the globe. And as geeky and nerdy as that may sound, the article is worth reading and the slideshow that goes along with it is very fascinating too. The article […]