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The Icarus Deception from Squarespace on Vimeo. Squarespace made this short video promo for Seth Godin’s book The Icarus Deception: How High Will You Fly? about taking risks in what you really want to do despite what those around you may be suggesting to do otherwise. Treat your work as art and craft and you’ll […]

Seth Godin’s hypothesis of how objects and ideas go viral and get spread from person to person really plays a party in my daily life I think. No longer are items being marketed to the “safe” consumer growing at exponential rates. Instead, I’ve been seen a huge increase in very specifically tailored objects and services […]

This short video from PressPausePlay takes a look at Seth Godin who took his book, gave it away for free online, and ended up having the material spread faster than his previous book which he sold through a publisher. In addition to having his work spread like wildfire, Godin eventually was able to sell a […]