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A bit annoying to reset network settings, but hey, it fixes the problem. THANK YOU LIFEHACKER!


This is by far the best plugin/extension I’ve used for Google Chrome. YouTube Options for Google Chrome¬†gives you a host of settings for YouTube that range from disabling auto-play to blocking ads to redesigning the site itself for better video viewing. From now on, this is a must on all Chrome browsers I use!


Jeff Broderick has created a quick way to make shortcut icons for various settings in iOS on your iPhone’s home screen. Go to this URL on your iOS device and select the setting you want a direct link to, and then just save the shortcut to your home screen. Done! NOTE: This is really for […]


It’s always hard to explain camera functions to somebody without actually showing them how it is affecting their photos. That’s why I like the idea behind CameraSim, a virtual online photo simulator that snaps “photos” and simulates what the image will look like given certain aperture, shutter speed, ISO, and lighting inputs. Go ahead and […]


I have no idea if this is an actual ad or just somebody’s clever tagline, but it’s true! I do this all the time. Thanks Ryan!

Direct links to browser settings will make tech support with family members and friends a whole lot easier I think. I like!