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I’m super late to this, but I just listened to Radiolab’s podcast on NYC’s “Poop Train“, a train that takes NYC’s sludge (the after-product of NYC sewage) and recycles it in Colorado. It’s one of the more interesting NYC podcasts I’ve heard in a while. Listen below (or here).

How is this guy not wearing a nose plug or a face mask while doing this report?

Not that the Hudson was clean or anything, but if you had your doubts, well, then here’s video of what looks to be raw sewage spewing out of a Combine Sewage Overflow at the 79th Street boat basin. I miss New York!

On September 16, 2010, New York City and its outer boroughs were hit with a severe thunderstorm that resulted in at least 1 tornado touching down in Brooklyn. The damage was pretty extensive in some areas causing downed trees, ruined cars, and ruined sidewalks. But until now, very few knew that the storm probably caused […]


llustration by Mark Nerys with photos by Matt Hoyle Kottke shared a link from New York Magazine about some of the stuff that’s hidden beneath the Hudson River. It’s a pretty fantastic list if you believe everything on it (although there’s really no reason not to believe it all). It turns out that all of […]