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The same guy who did the ShamWow infomercial can be seen here advertising the Slap Chop, a device that easily chops EVERYTHING YOU WANT with little effort. Stop having a boring tuna. Stop having a boring life. Get the Slap Chop now! Thanks Joyce!


Click the image to see full version Norman sent me this and it describes the emotional feeling I had when I first saw ShamWow and picked up an alternative version the day after. It is truly as amazing and absorbent as this image says it is.


Ok, so you all probably remember the ShamWow infomercial I posted not too long ago and how the magic cloth was supposed to soak up massive amounts of water and hold it in without dripping. It’s abilities to absorb liquid much better than a standard paper towel intrigued me enough that at the end of […]

With such an enthusiastic demonstration of its abilities to soak up liquid, who can say no to the ShamWow? Not me. I’m sold. USE IT EVERYWHERE YOU FIND LIQUID. KEEP IT IN YOUR POCKET. WIPE THOSE TEARS FROM YOUR FACE. SOAK IT UP! DRY UP THE OCEAN WITH IT! YEAH! SHAMWOW! WOW!!!!