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Rain, Hail or Shine from Jonathon Lim on Vimeo. A lovely video of the Factory 5 Crew biking in Shanghai.

The fastest train in the world operating at about 267mph in this video.

I just finished watching this short documentary about an advertising producer named John Benet who talks about his struggles trying to produce a McDonald’s commercial in Shanghai when the culture there differs so greatly from that of America. He learns quickly that his way of directing isn’t always translatable and sometimes the weird stuff in […]


Photo: Peter Bialobrzeski Photographer Peter Bialobrzeski has a new book out called The Raw and the Cooked about the juxtapositions of super-high-end establishments and super-poor villages in Asia. The Wall Street Journal posted a couple of his images to whet your appetite. If you’re intrigued, you should pick up The Raw and the Cooked now […]