Tag: shapes

Just found out about this guy named Andreas Markus Hoenigschmid and his amazing transforming cubes. His entire Vimeo channel is filled with these odd shapes that turn into other odd shapes, often enlarging themselves to a degree that seemed impossible at first. You gotta check these out.


Really neat video from Sebas and Clim to celebrate their first anniversary as a studio! Congrats! This reminds me personally of the ’90s and maybe in some part, The Jetsons.


  This is seriously one of the wildest things I’ve seen today. MyModernMet posts these images of Byriah Loper’s amazing modular origami. It’s all held together with no glue or adhesives — just a bunch of clever folding and angles. Byriah’s Flickr is filled with these things. Check it out!

Sparkle03 from Trunk Animation on Vimeo. This was simple and nice