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A beautiful film about a man named Murray Carter who makes blades and sharp knives by hand (and some machine). He was trained in Japan and incorporates a lot of Japanese blade-making techniques in his work. If you want to buy one of his blades, you can do so at the Carter Cutlery website.

This is a long video (18 minutes long), but it’s incredibly fascinating to watch this guy turn a piece of otherwise junk metal into a super-sharp razor. If you want to buy one of these beautiful works of art, you can do so here.

Chef Hiro Terada of NoVe Kitchen and Bar in Miami demonstrates some advanced knife skills. Look at what he does to that cucumber at around the 2-minute mark!

KA-BAR Knives from Common Machine Prod. on Vimeo. Common Machine Productions went to the KA-BAR Knives factory in Olean, NY and filmed the process of how one of these exquisite knives are made. Sharp, seriously. Very sharp.