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Pens’n’Paper¬†posted some images of a stainless steel Sharpie¬†that I had no idea Sharpie even made. If you’re wondering, yes, the marker is expensive, but that’s because it is refillable — huge plus (the refills are cheap too)!  

Graffiti artists Bam and Vogue turned Johnson Jeng’s Sharpie-covered Lexus IS 350 into an inspired good vs. evil canvas using spray paint. Cool, huh?

Sharpie has just unveiled the world’s most luxurious Sharpie with their brand-new Stainless Steel Sharpie. It’s got a fine-point and a cap that unscrews to show a refillable Sharpie ink cartridge. Pretty nice! If you want one, you can pick up a Sharpie Stainless Steel at Amazon for just over $7. What? You thought luxury […]