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Caroline Saridewi, a student at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, took the familiar logo and colors from Perrier sparkling water and used it to do a mockup of what the brand’s skin care line might look like (if the brand branched off into skin care products). If these were real, I’d buy […]

Too good to be true! That shaving helmet I posted about previously is fake. Watch them do the good ‘ole switheroo in the video above.

It’s been a while since the last Put This On episode and with its return, Jesse Thorn visits a local barber shop and teaches us how to properly groom oneself (and also how to get rid of yellow pit stains).

A man named Boris has invented a fully automated shaving helmet that trims your puffy ‘do all the way down to your scalp. If this were adjustable to different shaving lengths I’d buy one in a heartbeat (not exactly a skinhead type of guy). Still, this is pretty neat. Thanks Chris!

Over at Kiretenai.com, Schick has these amusing videos of 3 men dressed in spandex and shaving while doing stunts that make it nearly impossible to complete the task. The one above shows one of the men skydiving while shaving. [via]