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Knife & Saw is the company that makes the wooden bike shelf, an elegant solution to hanging your bike on a wall.


Check out this double-suitcase set called The Infinite Home Tool by Hanemaai. https://vimeo.com/22040301 that serves as a sort of shelf-on-the-go for the belongings you can’t leave home without. Definitely puts a new spin on the phrase living out of your suitcase.

Matthias Wandel, better known for his wooden gears and other moving contraptions made of wood, goes back to the basics here and builds his mother a nice laptop stand. Really nice DIY job.


Hmm, I really like this bike frame bike rack on sale at Etsy for $225. The actual part that holds the bike frame is leather-bound to protect your actual bike from being scratched.


PostFossil is home to this wonderful shelf called SHOES BOOKS AND A BIKE, which unsurprisingly holds a bike, some shoes, and some books. The main draw of this shelf of course is the bike shelf compartment which nicely tucks away your bike flat against any wall while still leaving space below for your other valuables. […]